Why Partner With FutureNow?

We know talent! Part of what separates us from average recruiting firms is that we focus our on-going efforts towards building our candidate pipeline. This allows us to offer a faster position fulfillment rate to our clients who are in need of top-talent for their organization.

Focus on Core Business! Working with us will allow your organization to cost save on fees incurred by hiring an in-house recruiter, recruiting expenses for job postings resources, and time that can be utilized by your team in other core facets of the business.

Save Money! Did you know most organizations spend $25,000-35,000 a year on recruiting advertising sources alone? (Ex: CareerBuilder, Trade specific sites, Newspapers, Radio). With FutureNow, we will include advertising spend in our recruiting fee.

Save More Money! Our competition charges recruiting fees ranging between 20% – 30% of the starting annual salary for each positions filled. We are a flat fee recruiting resource. By using  Recruiters, your company will save money!

Package Options

Phase One                                                                $695

  • Candidate criteria development
  • Employment ad development or review
  • Ad placement on job boards
  • Resume screening and review
  • Three phone interviews
  • Present top three candidates

Phase Two                                                                $1,995

  • Networking campaign
  • Database search
  • LinkedIn search
  • Three phone interviews
  • Present top three candidates

Phase Three                                                             20% of first year salary

  • Full contingency search

Phase Four                                                               $495

  • Background Check
  • Personality testing
  • Aptitude testing
  • Specific skill set testing


We give our clients a credit towards the next stage, so if you start with Phase One and go to Phase Two, Phase Two is only $1,300.  Also, if you start with Full Contingency, we will give you a Phase One and Two credit towards your next search.

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